• What is the Nuclear Free World Website?

    Nuclear Free World is a website opened to all those interested in participating in the struggle for a nuclear-free world.

    It was created to support the construction of a Global Anti-Nuclear Network, proposed in the First Thematic Social Forum on Civil and Military Nuclear, held in March 2016 in Japan within the World Social Forum process (see the Tokyo Appeal for a World-Wide Network towards a nuclear free world).

    The construction of the network began in this forum and in the Second Thematic Social Forum on civil and military nuclear held in Montreal, Canada, in August of that year, and shall be continued with a Third Forum in November 2017 in France.

    The Nuclear Free World Website is an instrument of horizontal intercommunication between the Network organizations, to facilitate mutual knowledge and exchange between them, of information and struggle experience, the development and the dissemination of knowledge about the risks and consequences of civil and military use of nuclear energy, and the discussion and implementation of joint anti-nuclear action proposals.

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  • Angra 3

    Angra3: o que virá em 2018?

    Cresce a pressão pela retomada da obra de Angra 3.

  • Actualités


      Les évènements et les manifestations antinucléaires de l’été 2017 15 juin – 7 juillet : Négociations sur une traité d’interdiction des armes nucléaires, ONU, New-York: Informations (en anglais) A l’issue des négociations, un texte de traité a été adopté à l’ONU le 7 juillet 2017 par 122 pays : texte Ce texte sera ouvert à la ratification […]

  • Contact


      Pour nous contacter, pour toute demande d’information, merci d’envoyer un message à : info@wsfnonuke.org

  • Soutiens


    Plusieurs organisations françaises et internationales participent aux différentes étapes de la construction du Forum, au sein du Comité de Facilitation, de l’Assemblée Permanente, et de l’Assemblée Internationale.

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