• What is the Nuclear Free World Website?

    Nuclear Free World is a website opened to all those interested in participating in the struggle for a nuclear-free world.

    It was created to support the construction of a Global Anti-Nuclear Network, proposed in the First Thematic Social Forum on Civil and Military Nuclear, held in March 2016 in Japan within the World Social Forum process (see the Tokyo Appeal for a World-Wide Network towards a nuclear free world).

    The construction of the network began in this forum and in the Second Thematic Social Forum on civil and military nuclear held in Montreal, Canada, in August of that year, and shall be continued with a Third Forum in November 2017 in France.

    The Nuclear Free World Website is an instrument of horizontal intercommunication between the Network organizations, to facilitate mutual knowledge and exchange between them, of information and struggle experience, the development and the dissemination of knowledge about the risks and consequences of civil and military use of nuclear energy, and the discussion and implementation of joint anti-nuclear action proposals.

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  • Fukushima Darkness, Part Two II

    Fukushima Darkness, Part Two II

    The impact of Fukushima Daiichi’s nuclear meltdown extends far and wide, as the hemispheric ecosystem gets hit by tons of radioactive water. Additionally, surreptitiousness surrounds untold death and illness, yet it remains one of the least understood and deceitfully reported episodes of journalism in modern history.

  • Tout va très bien, Monsieur le Président…

    Tout va très bien, Monsieur le Président…

    Le 3e Forum Social Mondial Antinucléaire s’est réuni à Paris du 2 au 4 novembre 2017. Environ 450 personnes de plus de 20 pays y ont pris part. Ce fut un franc succès.

  • Russian nuclear facility denies it is source of high radioactivity levels

    Russian nuclear facility denies it is source of high radioactivity levels

    A secretive Russian nuclear facility has denied it was behind high atmospheric concentrations of the radioactive isotope ruthenium-106, after Russia’s meteorological service confirmed levels several hundred times the norm were found in several locations in the country during tests in late September.

  • Fukushima Darkness

    Fukushima Darkness

    The radiation effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant triple meltdowns are felt worldwide, whether lodged in sea life or in humans, it cumulates over time. The impact is now slowly grinding away only to show its true colors at some unpredictable date in the future. That’s how radiation works, slow but assuredly destructive, which serves to identify its risks, meaning, one nuke meltdown has the impact, over decades, of a 1,000 regular industrial accidents, maybe more.

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