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Its presentation and the basic indications for its use are published in English, with links to versions in other languages and for automatic translations.

The materials of the site are published in the language of the National Collectives that insert it (see below) but can be accessed in other languages by automatic translation. If you use the automatic translator by the browser, make sure the possibility to return to the original text is enabled. Proposals for better translation will always be welcome (please send it through this form).

The site is co-administered by the Coalition for a Brazil Free of Nuclear Plants – Xo nuclear, who built it, and by the National Collectives.

To communicate with site administrators use contact form.

  • The contents of the website are published in it by the organizations of the Site Administration National Collectives, in their language and/or in other languages, and will be accessible in other languages by automatic translation.

    Non-members of Collectives can propose contents or comments, but their publication must be authorized by the website moderators (send to the website administrators using contact form)

  • The first Website Administration National Collectives will be formed by Facilitation Committees of the already held and in preparation Thematic Social  Forums on nuclear, and by organizations that form the Coalition by a Brazil Free of Nuclear Plants and the Anti-nuclear Brazilian Articulation.

    Each Collective will choose enter among  its members three moderators, to their relationship with other administrators and to authorize the publication of contents proposed by non-members of collectives.

    Non-members of the existing Collectives wishing participate of it and organizations desiring to create Collectives in countries where they do not already exist should contact the website administrators using the contact form.

  • The contents will be presented in the following categories:

    • Concrete Actions
    • Information
    • Proposals
    • Denunciations
    • Requests
    • Debates
    • Library
    • Declarations

    After the presentation, at the opening of the site, appear the calls of the last four last contents published.

    In the lower area of this page appears the calls of the more recent publications in each category. The titles of the categories send to the list of other contents, presented in the chronological order of their publication.

  • Good news: Brazilian anti-nuclear militants created the website nuclearfreeworld.net*, to support the construction of a Global Anti-nuclear Network, proposed in the “call” that many of you have subscribed.

    Access to it is free, by the link: http://nuclearfreeworld.net.

    Visit it and say what can or should be improved (to write to us use the contact form or write directly to the address contact@nuclearfreeworld.net).

    The published materials were taken from emails we have received, as examples of the type of information will appear in each category. In the presentation of the site (“inserting contents”), it is indicated who will publish matters from now on.

    We hope this site will be useful to our struggle. Automatic translation will allow immediate access to information about actions and proposals of militants from other countries. Enjoy it!

    Administrators, March the 30th 2017.

    *We received a support from CCFD – Terre Solidaire, France